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I grew up in an 1850s log cabin in rural North Carolina.  The cabin is approximately 20 miles east of Pilot Mountain where the Serpent and Arcadian Ley lines intersect.  The cabin sits over an underground artesian river known as the Feathered Serpent in sacred geometry.  The kinetic energy produced by the movement of the massive underground river, coupled with the cabin’s location near Pilot Mountain and the intersecting ley lines, all contribute in the creation of an energetically charged  environment.


Within sacred geometry, Pilot Mountain is one of the vortex generating zones of EarthRings due to the intersection of 2 significant ley lines directly overhead; the Arcadian Ley which extends upward from Mexico City, across Pilot Mt. heading northward where it crosses over to Stonehenge and ultimately to the site of Ancient Troy. The Serpent Ley extends downward from Mt. Shasta, across Serpent Mound in Ohio, over Pilot Mt. heading east thru the Cape Fear River Valley and out to the center of the Bermuda Triangle. This ley intersection forms the nested EarthRing “The Pilot Mountain Wheel” signifying the mountain’s importance in sacred geometry. 




As a 5 year old child, I sat on a small hill behind my house looking west at a perfect view of Pilot Mountain.  As I sat looking at the mountain, I found I could leave my body, flying like a bird over the countryside, navigating the Earth’s terrain and gliding down to the top of the mountain.  I had a bird’s eye view of the top of the knob and could see the rocks and scraggly trees bent by the winds and passing of time right beneath me.  I could see the black ravens nesting among the rocks and some flying around me.  I would soar and enjoy the moment, and then turn back towards my home and into my body.  I was able to bi-locate to the mountain until the age of 9.

When I was 10 years old, 2 humanoid beings appeared in my room one evening and as they stood by my bed, they communicated they were there to balance my karma from a past life in which I beheaded a sacred white elephant.  They were very beautiful with chiseled features; a male and female dressed in black turtlenecks and black tight fitting pants.  The man had light brown hair hanging just below his turtleneck and the woman had light brown hair, shoulder length with bangs.  The man held a giant timepiece in front of me and communicated that when the timepiece struck 12 they would take me.  I watched as the hand went around the timepiece from 12 all the way back around to 12.  At that moment I found myself floating on my back, out thru my bedroom window and soon found myself in a brightly lit room lying on a metal table.  The man and woman stood above me at my head and seemed to be working at the top of my head.  I could not see what they were doing but sensed that some procedure was involved by their movements. 

The next thing I recalled I was back in my room and in my bed.  The next morning I awoke to find my neck and head bright red as though I had a severe sunburn or extremely fine rash.  I was rushed to the doctor who could not explain my condition, but I was out of school for about 2 weeks until the redness finally subsided.

The next event occurred a few months later when I was enjoying a summer evening on the front porch with my parents and 3 siblings.  Suddenly my 5 year old brother exclaimed “look”!  Across the road to the east sitting silently a few hundred feet above a grove of southern pines was a silver disc.  We all jumped to our feet and began talking excitedly about what we were seeing.  As we watched in awe, the disc suddenly shot off to the west and out of site in the blink of an eye.  The path it took was directly towards Pilot Mountain.


I recall numerous events from my childhood in which I was outside at night witnessing beams of light coming from craft in  the sky. I sensed the beams were trying to find me and I would hide beside a red cedar near the cabin, but all to no avail as they always seemed to find me.  One night in particular I found myself  once again outside running from the light, but this time the same two humanoid beings I had seen in my room materialized in front of me.  The next moment it seemed, I was back in my room but my dad, a neighbor and 3 of my siblings were all standing over me looking very frightened.  As it turned out, my dad had gotten up to check on us children and found me missing from my bed, only to find me outside under the cedar tree unconscious.  He brought me to my room and sent my brother for the neighbor.  When I came to everyone asked me what had happened.  I remembered running from the light and seeing the 2 beings, but I was too embarrassed to say anything thinking no one would believe me, so I just told them I didn’t know what had happened.  Numerous other events occurred on the property, some paranormal in nature.

One might surmise about a cross association between ley lines and UFO sightings.  Ley lines are defined as alignments of places of geographical importance for ancient monuments and megaliths, such as the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge.  But ley lines are also defined as straight fault lines in the Earth’s tectonic plates where intense magnetic energy is released from the faults creating an electrical current that encompasses the entire planet.  Pilot Mountain and my childhood home are situated on Serpent Ley and both lie within the Cape Fear Arch, a geologic feature of tectonic plate activity.  Researchers using multiple regression analyses theorize an increase in UFO reports over land mass associated with tectonic strain and the resultant intensified magnetic energy.  It is speculated the craft may be using the magnetic ley line energy to traverse our planet.  According to the National UFO Reporting Center’s State Index Report for North Carolina, eye witnesses have reported 110 UFO sightings from 1974 to 2019 in multiple areas surrounding towns and cities that lie within the Cape Fear Arch.  Perhaps the tectonic strain emanating from the Cape Fear Arch creates enough magnetic energy to attract alien visitors from outside our solar system; thus providing a power grid and road map for them to navigate the area.  If we are encountering UFOs operated by extraterrestrial beings that are 1000s if not millions of years more advanced than humans then why not theorize that connections exists between Earth’s magnetic energy, ancient sites, ley lines and UFO activity.

On June 23, 1989, around 7:00 pm I witnessed a massive, black triangular craft over my current home.  The craft sat a few hundred feet above a 350 year old oak tree that is approximately 80 feet tall.  The craft was completely silent and not moving for several minutes, and then in the blink of an eye it shot away to the south.  The next evening I went out hoping to see it again when I saw 2 young boys walking towards my house looking skyward.  I asked what they were looking for and they said the UFO they had seen the evening before.  As it turned out, the boys were riding their bikes up the circle towards my house when they saw the UFO.  They dropped down and ducked next to the front yard fence until it shot away. 

The following year as I began graduate school I met with the dept. head and learned that he and his son lived on the same street as me and had recently moved away.  He nonchalantly said “you know my son saw a UFO when we lived there.”  He was the dad of one of the young boys.

In 2013, I met physicist & UFO researcher Stanton Friedman who subsequently introduced me to Kathleen Marden, Director of the MUFON Experiencer Research Team.  In 2015, Kathleen introduced me to a UFO experiencer in eastern North Carolina.  I traveled to that area to conduct an investigation on property reputed to have UFO activity and on June 27, 2015 I experienced approximately 2 hours of missing time.  Audio and video evidence documenting the event is located under the Photos & Audio menu tab on this website.

I hold undergraduate degrees in anthropology & sociology with minor degrees in archaeology & religion and a Master of Arts in Anthropology with a focus on Mesoamerican archaeology.  I am retired following a 30 year career in NIH funded clinical trial research in neuropsychology, hypertension and women’s health.  I  am referenced or cited in over 200 peer reviewed medical manuscripts.  My research career included study protocol and forms development, data programming, data management and data collection, multi-clinical center site monitoring, and management of all study-related publications including manuscripts, videos & participant materials.


In my professional career, I operated primarily from the left-brain as an analytical, rational and logical thinker.  Those characteristics worked well in areas of research that required high levels of precision and documentation.  In my personal life, I operate primarily from the right-brain.  I have a high level of intuition, strong visualization and holistic thinking.  These characteristics serve me well as I navigate my way through a lifetime of unexplained paranormal and extraterrestrial phenomena that began in childhood and continues today.  I am, however, very much grounded both professionally and personally by the scientific method that begins with the formation of questions, or hypotheses, and then acquiring the knowledge through observations and experiments to either support or disprove a specific theory.  One process that is a central part of the scientific method is gathering empirical evidence; information acquired by observation or experimentation that is recorded and analyzed as data.


In 2008, as a result of the unexplained paranormal and extraterrestrial phenomena experienced throughout my life, I formed a paranormal research team to conduct on-site investigations at historical locations.  My primary goal, then and now, is to understand how a deceased population communicates across space and time, with a secondary goal of learning as much as possible from that population about their daily lives.  My methodology basis is the principles of archaeology and qualitative-based evidential techniques.  This methodology has proven to be very successful and is outlined in the following paper:  "A Longitudinal Modeling Approach Integrating Archaeology and Anthropology to Haunting Phenomena".  This approach is extremely effective as it resonates with an intelligent, interactive population that is not dead, but who are conscious beings that want to be known and heard, and who exist in alternative dimensions inside and sometimes outside of Earth's astral plane.  A few years into my investigative research when asking 'who & where are you?' I began to receive responses such as 'other' & 'not human' and 'portal' & 'wormhole.'  At that point in my research, it became apparent I was no longer communicating with historic timelines, but instead with multidimensional consciousness.  The communications led me to a multidisciplinary field of noēsis and quantum theory, bringing together subjective inner knowing, and objective scientific tools and techniques to study the full range of human consciousness.

For the past 15 years I have conducted well over 100 investigations and presented my research and evidence to dozens of professional & student groups including The Rhine Research Center & Institute for Parapsychology, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, Salem College, Dept. of Philosophy, Old Salem, North Carolina and the 27th & 28th Annual DragonCon, Atlanta, Georgia.  I appeared in the following television series, A Haunting on the Discovery Channel, My Ghost Story & Fright Club on the Travel Channel and co-produced a documentary film entitled Dead History located under the Media tab on this website.

It is with great pride that I was chosen as a contributing co-author to the following books:

Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak  (The Keys of Enoch) release date May, 2023.

  • Akasha: Spiritual Experiences of Accessing Our Soul’s Infinite Intelligence featuring Lisa Barnett (Founder of The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom)release date 2023. 

  • WITCH: Divine Alignments with the Elements, Energies and Cycles of Nature featuring

Rev. Valerie Love (President and Founder Live Your Destiny) release date 2023.







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