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Pamela Nance

Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Paranormal & UFO Researcher and Explorer of Higher Consciousness

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Welcome to my site!  I am a cultural anthropologist & archaeologist, paranormal & UFO researcher and an explorer of higher consciousness.  I first experienced unexplained paranormal and extraterrestrial phenomena in early childhood, followed by an out-of-body experience (OBE) as a teen and a near-death-experience (NDE) in my early 30s.  After experiencing such high strangeness, I began research into consciousness and the survival of consciousness after death.  Over a 4 decade period, I researched areas of metaphysics; quantum theory; astrology; astronomy; numerology; esoteric beliefs; religion; philosophy and numerous other disciplines and beliefs, and became trained as a healing touch practitioner, past life regressionist, hypnotherapist, dowser and shaman.


I formalized my interests in the field of consciousness research in 2008 when I began conducting paranormal investigations.  My methodology is based on the principles of archaeology and qualitative-based evidential techniques.  The goals are to understand how a once living population can communicate across time & space and to learn as much as possible from that population.  *See "A Longitudinal Modeling Approach Integrating Archaeology and Anthropology to Haunting Phenomena".


I find this methodology extremely effective as it resonates with an intelligent, interactive population that is not dead, but conscious beings who want to be known and heard, and exist in alternate dimensions inside and outside of Earth's astral plane.  A few years into my investigative research when asking 'who & where are you?' I began to receive responses such as 'other' & 'not human' and 'portal' & 'wormhole.'  It became apparent I was no longer communicating with historic timelines, but instead with multidimensional consciousness.  The communications led me to a multidisciplinary field of noēsis and quantum theory that brings together subjective inner knowing, and objective scientific tools and techniques to study the full range of human consciousness. 


In 2013, while presenting at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA I met physicist & UFO researcher Stanton Friedman who subsequently introduced me to Kathleen Marden, former Director of the MUFON Experiencer Resource Team.  In June, 2015 Kathleen introduced me to a UFO experiencer in eastern North Carolina.  I traveled to the area to conduct an investigation on the property where reputed UFO activity had occurred.  My goal that evening was to observe the night skies for UFO activity and to communicate with alien presence.  During the investigation multiple, real-time EVPs were heard indicating an alien presence.  I honed in on that line of communication and began to ask appropriate questions, and soon found myself being directed to look at the moon.   I noticed a very bright object to the left of the moon and began asking questions about it.  I thought about how unusual it looked, unlike the surrounding stars because it was much larger.  As I stood looking at the object, it began to move towards me at a very high rate of speed.  Moments later, or so it seemed, I found myself standing in the same location staring at the moon, but feeling extremely dizzy and nauseous, and the bright light I had seen only a few seconds before was now gone.  To my surprise, my investigative equipment was no longer in my hands, but lay on the ground several feet behind me and was no longer operating.  Never in my career had I turned off the equipment in the midst of an investigation. However, my video camera was set-up in another location behind me and to the right, and it had continued to record.  I was not aware I had lost almost 2 hours of time until I returned to the property owner’s residence and learned it was 1:00 am.  As I drove away from the location, I witnessed a massive bright object near the tree line moving rapidly from south to north.  In the following days as I reviewed the evidence it became apparent I had experienced an alien encounter, along with 1 hour and 45 minutes of missing time.

In 2018, the event was investigated and subsequently registered with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as the following:

  • Vallee Classification:  CE-4

  • Case Management System (CMS) Case Disposition:  Unknown

  • Experiencer Resource Team (ERT) Case Disposition:  Substantial Evidence Case

I conducted research into the distant past and found there is a large base of supportive evidence clearly indicating Earth has been visited by off-planet beings for millennia, and humankind has benefited.  The evidence is found in ancient megalithic and technological structures that defy explanation, and it is this evidence that offers us an alternative to the theories espoused by mainstream archaeology as well as an alternative to the timeline of traditional history.  Following are a few examples of the 100s of ancient sites around the world that call into question humankind's true origins on planet Earth:

  • Gobekli Tepe, Turkey,  circa 9000 BC is considered to be the world’s oldest temple predating Stonehenge by 6000 years.  The site consists of  20 circular stone enclosures, the largest is 65 feet across, with two elaborately carved pillars that are 18 feet tall at their center.  The carved stone pillars weighing up to 10 tons, depict stylized human figures with folded hands wearing fox-pelt belts.  Built in the pre-pottery Neolithic period before writing or the wheel, this site is an astounding example of an ancient site from the Neolithic era displaying a level of craftsmanship that contradicts all notions we have about the progress of humans in history. 


  • Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan, circa 2500 BC is a remarkable example of civil engineering.  This city in the Indus Valley was built approximately 4,500 years ago during the Chalcolithic era on a grid system.  This ancient site had houses, some with indoor plumbing, a granary, baths, an assembly hall and towers all made out of standard size bricks.  The streets were about eight to ten feet wide on average, and were built with well-engineered drainage channels.  Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this ancient city is the epicenter about 50 yards wide where everything was crystallized, fused or melted.  Sixty yards from the epicenter the bricks are melted on one side indicating a blast similar to a nuclear explosion.  The horrible, mysterious event of 4,000 years ago that leveled Mohenjo Daro was recorded in an old Hindu manuscript called the Mahabharata.  How could humans barely out of the Neolithic era account for this type of engineering, much less a potential nuclear blast?


  • The Great Pyramid, Egypt, circa 2500 BC is the last of the seven ancient wonders and is the largest stone building in the world.  The sheer size and the number of blocks quarried and moved into place presents numerous architectural, construction and engineering challenges for a culture living 4,500 years ago.  The primitive tools scenario concocted by Egyptologists does not explain how this ancient civilization accomplished such a task nor does it explain the extensive use of different types of machined granite found inside the Great Pyramid chambers.  This site remains the world’s greatest wonder and ancient enigma until you consider intervention from an advanced off-planet civilization. 


  • Puma Punku, Bolivia, circa 400 BC, is one of the finest examples of precision engineering in the world. The site consist of an alignment of plazas and ramps centered on a man-made terraced platform mound with a sunken court and monumental complex on top, and consists of massive, precision cut stones weighing more than 100 tons.  How could Neolithic humans achieve such momentous tasks when mainstream scientists theorize we were just learning how to grow crops?

  • Teotihuacan, Mexico, circa 400 BC.  Teotihuacan was laid out according to a set of alignments that reflected celestial, geographic and geodetic relationships, and was the first true urban center in the Americas with an estimated population of 200,000.  The Pyramid of the Sun is in a spot of prime astronomical significance on the western horizon.  A sheet of mica once covered the upper tiers of the pyramid.  Mica is an inflammable and non-conductive mineral that grows in fairly weak plate-like structures, and is not at all useful as a structural building material.  NASA uses mica as a radiation shield in space vehicles.   It is also used in electronic components and microwave ovens, and it is a good shield for electromagnetic radiation, like radio waves.  Such technology makes one question the human origins of such a structure.

It has been my pleasure to collaborate with the following researchers in the field of consciousness:

Dr. Bob Davis (www.bobdavisspeaks.com); Neuroscientist, professor and author; Dr. Rick Strassman (www.rickstrassman.com); Clinical psychiatrist and author; Peter Champoux www.geometryofplace.com); Geomancer, author, student of comparative religion and master dowser. 

In addition, it is with honor to collaborate with the following paranormal and ufology pioneers:

Deb Kauble (www.debshome.com); Author, UFO researcher, experiencer and paranormal investigator; Brent Raynes (www.apmagazine.info); Author, UFO researcher and paranormal investigator; Kathleen Marden (www.kathleen-marden.com); Director of the MUFON Experiencer Research Team (ERT), author, experiencer and the niece of Betty & Barney Hill; Sev Tok (www.planetsev.com); author, experiencer, and MUFON investigator; Denise Stoner; FL MUFON Assist. State Director, ERT Assist. Director, author, experiencer, and investigator; Stanton Friedman; Physicist, UFO researcher and author; Dale Graff; Physicist, former Director of Project STARGATE and author.


During the past 14 years I have conducted over 100 paranormal and UFO investigations, and presented my research and evidence to dozens of professional & student groups including; The Rhine Research Center & Institute for Parapsychology, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina; Salem College, Dept. of Philosophy, Old Salem, North Carolina; 27th & 28th Annual DragonCon, Atlanta, Georgia.  I appeared in "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel, "My Ghost Story" on the Travel Channel and co-produced a documentary film entitled “Dead History” located under the Media tab on this website.

I regularly participate in YouTube and radio interviews, and my on-going work includes an independent film project, and a book detailing the June, 2015 two hour missing time event described above.  The June, 2015 missing time event will be one of several sculpted depictions featured in an Experiencer Museum slated to open the summer of 2022 in New York City. 


I am a contributing co-author in Ascension, a book by William Henry (Ancient Aliens) release date December, 2022 and Sound, a book by Neil Gaur (Portal to Ascension) release date February, 2023.

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