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The Three Levels of Physical Reality


  • Level one is space & time and matter as we normally perceive it.  This is the level where the majority of humans passively experience reality as it filters through their feelings, beliefs, and ideas.  At this level, humans are passively self-aware.


  • Level two is the thought-like patterns of information that guide the behavior of the level one material.  These thought-like patterns of information are physical fields that exist beyond ordinary space & time, but they influence and project into space & time.  These patterns exist in a higher dimensional mind-space that physicists recognize as physically real. 


Without this thought-like space of information that exists below the surface of things matter would not be hard.  This hardness of matter and the stability & diversity of matter depends upon these thought-like patterns that are beyond space & time, but which actually influence the structure of matter in space & time.  These thought-like patterns or quantum fields are technically the Schrödinger Waves in Quantum mechanics or psi-waves. 


Although the quantum matter is thought-like, they’re still not conscious the way we are conscious, they’re not yet self-aware.  They are thought-like because they’re beyond space & time; they’re non-mechanistic which means they influence matter but not in a mechanical push & pull force kind of way, but more like a telepathic influence.


  • Level three is the deepest level of all reality and existed before all other levels.  This is the quantum multiverse where anything that can happen, does happen in some universe.



The Fabric of the Cosmos - Brian Greene







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