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“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern.”
William Blake - 1790

I began working as a paranormal investigator in 2008 after a lifetime of paranormal and UFO experiences.  In 2013, I met physicist & UFO researcher Stanton Friedman while presenting at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia.  Stanton subsequently introduced me to Kathleen Marden, author, researcher and the Director of the MUFON Experiencer Resource Team.  In May, 2015 Kathleen introduced me to Chris Bledsoe a UFO experiencer and in June, 2015 I met Chris at his home.  I and my investigative partner, Ashley spent several hours getting to know Chris and his family, and explored the property in preparation for an investigation that evening.  The purpose of the investigation was to observe the night sky for UFO activity and to communicate with alien presence.  The investigation began at 10:00 pm EDT under a star-filled sky with a waxing gibbous moon at 78% visibility.  Our equipment consisted of two 35mm cameras, a video camera with night-vision, 2 trans-communicational devices called a Spirit-Box (SB-7) and 2 hand-held digital voice recorders.  We received multiple EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) indicating an alien presence in the sky and on the property.  Focusing on that line of communication, we asked follow-up questions and received EVPs instructing us to look at the moon.  We noticed a very bright object to the left of the moon and began asking questions about it.  We talked about how unusual it looked, unlike the surrounding stars because it was much larger.  As we stood looking at the object, it began to move towards us at a very high rate of speed.  


Moments later, or so it seemed, we found ourselves standing in the same location staring at the moon, but feeling extremely dizzy and nauseous, and the bright light we had seen only a few seconds before was now gone.  To our surprise, our equipment was no longer in our hands, but lay on the ground several feet behind us and was no longer operating.  Never in our investigative careers had we turned off the equipment in the midst of an investigation.  However, the video camera was set-up in another location behind us and to our right, and it had continued to record.  We were not aware we had lost almost 2 hours of time until we returned to Chris' residence and learned it was 1:00 am.  As my partner and I drove away from the location, we witnessed a massive bright object near the tree line moving rapidly from south to north.  In the following days as we reviewed the evidence (audio, photographic and video) it became apparent we had experienced an alien encounter, along with 1 hour and 45 minutes of missing time.


The following is a narrative of the missing time event recalled as memories surfaced spontaneously and through through hypnotic regression:

I saw the craft rapidly descend and come to a hover about 3 to 4 feet from the ground in an open area in the backyard.  The craft vibrated and in turn the vibration rattled my eardrums, so I covered them with my hands to block out the painful sound waves.  I could see the hull of the craft spinning clockwise, but the dome remained still.  As the hull slowed its spinning and finally stopped, the vibration subsided as did the pain in my ears.  I focused my attention on the craft and was surprised to see it was not that big, perhaps 60 feet in diameter around the hull and there were no visible windows.  I was suddenly compelled to turn off my investigative equipment and place it on the ground behind me.  When I turned around, three portals had appeared in the front of the dome portion of the craft and I could see figures standing at each of the portals.  From beneath the middle portal a rounded beam of blue light emanated from the craft and grew progressively wider.  I had an urgent desire to walk into the light and it penetrated my body, and I felt myself being pulled upwards towards the craft and was immediately on-board standing in a small foyer where I was met by four individuals, two males and two females all approximately six feet tall.  The males appeared to be in their 40s and the females in their 30s.
















The men wore dark royal blue tight fitting suits and each had a bright yellow chevron emblem on the left side of the suit over the heart; however one of the males had two lines under the chevron and I assumed this distinction indicated he was the leader of the group.  Spongy boots that were a darker blue than the suits covered their feet and extended approximately six inches above the ankle.  They had attractive faces similar to humans that were long and narrow with straight chiseled noses, high cheekbones, pale skin, full lips, eyebrows and ears.  The eyes were extremely large, almond-shaped with large pupils and very little iris or white visible, and their long, light brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail.


The women wore loose bodysuits with long sleeves and full length pant legs.  The woven fabric was iridescent with beautiful shades of purple, blue, green and pink.  There was no particular color pattern and the fabric gleamed like the mother of pearl on an abalone shell.  They wore tight gold necklaces, approximately one inch wide that dropped down to form a chevron V in the front.  They wore slipper-like shoes made from the same fabric as their clothing.  The women looked similar but not identical and like the men, they had light brown hair, pale skin, high cheekbones and straight, perfectly shaped noses and the same large eyes.  Their faces were long and narrow, and their lips were full and had some color.  They were well shaped and had breasts like Earth women.

They did not open their mouths but smiled and communicated telepathically: “Do not be afraid. Trust us. We won’t harm you.”  They went on to remind me they had known me in all my lifetimes and in this Earth lifetime I had been visited by them since I was a child.  Warm memories flooded over me and I recalled numerous childhood visits in which they shared information about themselves.  They again explained they had spent a short time on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago after leaving their planet because it could not sustain them any longer.  They have harnessed the power of light and refer to themselves as fifth dimensional beings from the Heyla dimension.  They inhabit a planet within a star system that is beyond our solar system and the Oort Cloud; a system they call Pomos, but one that humans have named Alpha Centauri.  Their planet is within Pomos/Alpha Centauri and is named Adella.  Adella is in twilight most of the time and never becomes completely dark.  Adella has two suns that are further away from their planet than our sun is from Earth and the climate is neither too hot nor too cold.  They are vegetarians and live 800 or 900 Earth years and they no longer suffer from disease because they know how to keep their bodies healthy and how to heal themselves.  They do not work as humans think of working for an employer on Earth; they cooperate as everyone is responsible for providing but they don’t think of it as work.  Everyone on their planet is of one race. They produce children but they regulate their population growth in a positive manner by living within what their planet can sustain.  They believe all living beings have a higher consciousness that comes from the Creator and all living things are part of the same Creator.  They all have recognition of this but do not worship the Creator as humans do on Earth.


The lead male approached me and put a black, tight fitting vest on me that was lightweight with fasteners similar to Velcro.  He said the vest would comfort me, but also protect me from potential on-board fallout from their mission of probing near-by nebulae and star clusters.  He communicated that an additional component to their mission included measuring changes in the pattern of energy waves emitted from our sun and solar system.  He produced a glass, handheld smart-pad and held it in front of me and I could see energy waves from the sun expanding outwards, with the large waves becoming smaller as they branched out, forming wave upon wave.  He explained that as the sun’s energy waves expand, the expansion pushes all planets in the solar system, as well as nearby star clusters, further into interstellar space where a high frequency vibration at an atomic level is required.  He showed me images of humans on Earth, some with waves of energy vibrating outward from their bodies and some with no energy waves.  He explained that to survive the high frequency vibratory changes, all humans must raise their vibration in order to survive the push into interstellar space.

The lead male turned my attention away from the smart-pad and gestured for me to walk further into the craft where we stopped in front of a wall that contained beautiful shades of blue flowing in a slow, downward motion.  The leader communicated the wall was made of plasma and was the energy propulsion system for the craft.  Embedded in the blue was a matrix of numbers: small, white and moving and the numbers were an integral component to the operation of the craft.  I heard a loud humming as the energy within the wall increased and emerald green poured in from the bottom while the blue combined with white and began to quickly flow down from the upper portion of the wall.  The humming slowly faded and the green and white disappeared, but the blue remained.  The lead male told me we had moved through space and time.  He went on to explain the small craft they now occupy was built in space at the mother-ship using pure energy at the micro-atomic level which is converted into a physical substance.  The micro-atomic energy enfolds the craft and makes it capable of utilizing different speeds in the wavelength of light.  The craft can move from one point to another in an instant, there is no velocity, only a shift in frequency as it aligns itself with the wave energy of light.  This creates a shift in space-time and is the key to space travel.  As a group we walked forward and stepped up into the dome area of the craft.  I noticed an absence of windows and asked how they were able to determine where they were going without windows.  They explained they don’t need to see where they are going as their craft "hops" through time using the frequency shift in the wavelength of light.  I asked to see outside the craft, so they opened a smart window that only appears through thought and I looked out to see we were now on an unfamiliar surface and no longer on Earth.  I saw a rounded, brightly lit building, shaped like a geodesic dome with multicolored interconnected piping that changed color like neon lights.  Bright light emanated from the building and they explained we had arrived at an energy way-station where they would recharge the plasma wall, and once recharged we would shift frequency to move to the next point in space and time.

In 2018, the event was investigated and subsequently registered with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

as the following:

  • Vallee Classification:  CE-4

  • Case Management System (CMS) Case Disposition:  Unknown

  • Experiencer Resource Team (ERT) Case Disposition:  Substantial Evidence Case


Pamela Nance

The Cape Fear River Basin Missing Time Event

June, 2015


Humanoid being from Alpha Centauri
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