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New Moon

Throughout the years of investigating the metaphysical realm, I have honed my perspective on how I view the entities I encounter.  I no longer believe I am communicating with ghosts of deceased individuals who are trapped here on the earthly plane.  I believe I am communicating with living, intelligent beings who are coming through from another dimension in space and time.  Perhaps it’s another dimension of earth’s time where these entities are living out their daily lives in an era that we perceive as the past, but they perceive as the here and now.  Or perhaps some of the entities are coming from a dimension beyond the earth's astral plane.  A dimension further into our galaxy or from one of billions of galaxies in the universe.


Seventy-five percent of the people in the United States believe in the metaphysical realm due to a personal experience or through experiences reported by family and friends.  Skeptics will argue ad nauseum these experiences are imagined.  To argue this point is a waste of time because neither the believers nor the skeptics have absolute proof one way or the other and until that changes we will remain in a stalemate.  For the believers; however, we can utilize the following:

  • Noetic: From the Greek noēsis / noētikos, meaning inner wisdom, direct knowing, or subjective understanding

  • Science: Systems of acquiring knowledge that use observation, experimentation and replication to describe, and explain natural phenomena

  • Noetic Sciences: A multidisciplinary field that brings objective scientific tools and techniques together with subjective inner knowing to study the full range of human experiences


Perhaps we, the believers, cannot prove the existence of this realm in the truest since of the word, but we can propose a set of general assumptions based on the fundamental portions of Special & General Relativity, Einstein-Rosen Bridge, String Theory, Super String Theory and M-Theory.  As a result, our assumptions allow us to utilize the theories in a way that helps us define what we are encountering, helps us understand what we are encountering and helps us theorize the existence of these realms within a scientific framework.


In 1905 Albert Einstein proposed his Special Theory of Relativity and created a fundamental link in understanding the relationship between space & time.  The theory states:


"As an object approaches the speed of light the mass of the object increases.  The faster an object is the greater is its mass, resulting in the object becoming heavier.  The faster you travel, the slower time moves and the heavier you become.  A heavier object is harder to speed up, so it’s impossible to ever get up to the speed of light which is always measured at the same speed, roughly 186,000 miles per second.  As you travel close to the speed of light, space & time begin to behave strangely.  For example, if you move fast enough through space, the observations that you make about space & time will be different from the observations made by others who are moving at different speeds.  As you move near the speed of light, nothing to you is different.  Your watch will still tick away at the same speed, but an observer would notice your watch running slower.  On the other hand, you would notice the observer's watch running slower, while they would see things normally." 


This demonstrates that in Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity space and time are intimately linked together and point of view is relative to the conscious observer.  Within the Earth's astral plane, we humans are the conscious observers.  For the most part, we experience our reality through our senses, resulting in an intimate connection between ourselves and the physical world.  Does the metaphysical realm represent the location of non-physical forms of conscious observers, who are not bound by physicality or their senses, and are thus capable of accessing another parallel space and time?  A parallel place from which they can communicate across space and time; where they are infinite in time and present at all moments; past, present and future?


In 1915, Einstein published his Theory of General Relativity stating that if there is an object with mass generating a gravitational field, it has to curve the space-time field as well.  In other words, without matter, space-time is flat, but when matter is present, it curves.  These effects of matter & space-time on each other are what we perceive as gravity.  General Relativity incorporates gravity into the equation and shows how gravity effects time and bends light.  As this process occurs, mass can become compacted at extremely high densities and a gravitational collapse occurs.  This collapsing matter reaches an enormous and finite density and rebounds forming the two sides of a “wormhole”.   The Einstein-Rosen Bridge or wormhole is a feature of the space-time continuum that is essentially a shortcut through space and time.  This shortcut is like a tunnel with two ends and each end is in a separate point in space-time, and the tunnel connects these distant regions of space-time together.  Hypothetically, by traveling through a wormhole, you could travel between the two regions faster than the speed of light.  Ultimately, as with any method of travel that is faster than the speed of light, time travel becomes a real possibility.


During the course of my work, I have captured evidence indicating the entities are aware they are coming through from a different region of space-time.  I have encountered communications from entities who say they do not exist in human form and indicate they are from other star systems.  I believe this evidence supports interdimensional travel via a wormhole or portal through dimensions of space-time. 


"The Veil" is defined as a barrier between our world and the metaphysical realm.  Is it a barrier that blocks our view of this realm?  If so, what is this barrier?  Some theorize it is a type of energy field whose mechanism has yet to be defined.  Others suggests it is a type of dimensional barrier caused by a variance in vibrational frequency.  Vibrational patterns are used to define particles like bosons where the vibrational pattern is defined by the shape of the space in which it vibrates.  The definition of these particles give way to multiple dimensions as defined by string theories. These dimensions would be subject to the vibrational frequency and space-time that define them.

Could it be vibration and frequency defined by space that makes the energy beings different in that they vibrate faster in their dimension than we do here in our heavy, gravity-laden dimension?  Perhaps this increased vibration gives them perception beyond anything we as humans are capable of knowing and that is the reason they can see us; the reason they know us; the reason they can communicate with us and follow us from place to place.


String Theory explains the universe in terms of tiny strings.  The strings are quantum entities that exist in different states and represent the fundamental particles called bosons, which are the force-carrying particles like protons, muons and electrons that make up matter.  The strings can be closed or open-ended and can have different modes of vibration, similar to how a guitar string vibrates differently depending on how and where you pluck it.  The different types of vibrational states of the strings correspond to the particles.  The most famous of these bosons is the Higgs-boson or “God Particle” which gives mass to matter and is often credited with the Big Bang that created our universe billions of years ago.


To account for these strings, Super String Theory proposes that space and time exist in 10 different dimensions and six of the ten dimensions are compacted and curled upon themselves on a very small scale.  The other four dimensions consist of what is traditionally thought of as space and time dimensions (up and down, left and right, back and forth), and one dimension of time.  The most current theory, M-theory, or the 2nd Super-String Revolution, proposes an eleventh dimensional space that consists of multi-dimensional objects called P-branes that live in one time dimension plus 10 space dimensions.


Perhaps at that point, consciousness resides in another dimension, one of the 11 dimensions theorized in M-Theory, where consciousness becomes a fundamental package of energy; vibrating and communicating from one dimension in time and 10 dimensions of space.  Perhaps consciousness has enough atomic energy to exist in multiple dimensions at the same time.


Pamela Nance

Afterlife and Consciousness Theory

December, 2015


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